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Our Food


There are three things you need to know about Oink London’s Butties: they’re gourmet, locally sourced and not just for breakfast.


Each of our five Butties have their own unique twist using an array of the finest flavours and fillings. Ranging from our fragrant Indian inspiration to our fiery take on the classic BLT.

Locally sourced

Having spent most of our childhood on a farm in the North East of England, we are committed to sourcing our bacon exclusively from British farms with a farm-to-table attitude.  Our streaky bacon comes from a farm in Suffolk which shares our passion for outdoor reared, healthy and happy pigs. Even our brioche buns are baked fresh daily by a local bakery in London. 

Not just for breakfast

Our new take on integrating a range of flavours and fillings into the traditional English staple and piling in five juicy rashes into each butty, means that our Bacon Butties are not just for breakfast, they are for any time of day – it’s time to revolutionise your meals!